Rescue Chinchillas Hold Up Motivational Signs To Cheer Up Their Mom


We all need a little cheering up sometimes, and these rescue chinchillas Ari and John have the most adorable way of doing just that. Their mom Anne Walker likes to give them note cards with motivational messages on and they seem more than happy to hold these signs with Walker saying toThe Dodo:

We found that Ari, in particular, is incredibly fond of carrying things around. We frequently find him in his house standing still, holding wooden sticks, balls and blocks we give them as chew toys, while his brother lounges in the wheel.

Source: Anne Walker

This special talent was first discovered when their mom caught them escaping from their cage. She said she "walked in and found him inthe middle of our living room clutching a plastic fork to his chest and standing stock-still on his hind legs." The pair are said to be "incredibly protective" of one another with one of them staying on guard while the other explored .

Enjoying a dust bath. Source: Anne Walker

A chinchilla is a rather strange choice of animal to adopt and Walker admits that it wasn't the first animal that came to mind. However, upon discovering that their building was neither dog nor cat friendly, the pair were forced to think outside the box. While looking for alternative animals in the neighbourhood, it soon became clear that chinchilla's were in dire need of being rescued. Walker said:

There were, like, a billion, each with the same 'got it for my kids now it's being neglected' story.

After a quick email exchange on Craigslist, Ari and John arrived at their new home. The sad reality of adopting a chinchilla is that people don't realise they require a lot of work and aren't simply bundles of fur to swoon over. This is why Walker decided to adopt them, as already being an ardent rodent lover, she knew exactly the kind of treatment they needed.Walker knew that it would take time and effort to bond with their new pets and admitted that "It has been a difficult road getting them to really attach to us". However, despite their shyness, they believe Ari and John have finally "accepted [them] into their herd".

Source: Anne Walker

Walker, a university teacher, recently decided to put their talents to good use. She now sends supportive pictures to her students before they go on important interviews. She said:

Everybody seems to love the signs, so I try to get at least a few out a week. I had a student discreetly keep an image up on his phone during a particularly tough job interview, which was sweet to hear. 

Source: Anne Walker

Both chinchillas love to help out their mom but it became clear that one was more skilled than the other with John choosing to eat the paper instead of holding it like Ari.Some people when they hear the word "rodent" have a tendency to shirk away but as Walker explains, "Chinchillas have long life spans and super cool, very developed personalities, and make great companion animals if you're patient with them". She then added, “Also, chinchillas are beautiful and ridiculous and a ton of fun to watch.”Tens of thousands of animals end up in shelters each year due to neglect, abuse or abandonment so consider adopting before you shop. Every animal deserves a fair chance at a forever home.If you live in England, you can visit theRSPCA, and if you live in the United States, you can visit theASPCAto get more information about pets available for adoption.

H/t: The Dodo

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