Rescue Center Frees Beautiful Horse Just In Time To Save Her From The Slaughterhouse


At the end of August, a terrified horse, barely skin and bones, was saved byBlessed Warrior Equine Rescue(BWER), an animal protection group in Gainesville, Texas.

 Source: BWER

The skeletal mare, who was about to be shipped to Mexico to be slaughtered for her meat, was so ill that her rescuers doubt that she would have survived the journey. In a Facebook post on the group's page, BWER stated:

She really needs our help to get her safe. She has faithfully served her owners and they abandoned her in a place like this, in such poor condition.

Every year, nearly 100,000 horses are sent from America to abattoirs Canada or Mexico to be slaughtered for their meat. Luckily, this mare was saved at the very last moment, thanks to donations, which allowed BWER to buy her for $500.

Source: BWER

Since her rescue, she has been recovering little by little at the group's sanctuary, where volunteers strive to make her feel safe again.She will spend several months there, until a new family, who will care for her properly, can be found for her. One thing's for sure; she will live happily for the rest of her life, secure in the knowledge that she will never be sent to her death ever again.Tierra Matthews, the sanctuary's founder, said:

We do have some horses that stay here at the rescue. Right now, we do plan on adopting her out once we feel she is well enough.

Source: BWER

To help BWER continue to work to improve the lives of abused horses, follow their Facebook page here.

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