Rejected Baby Piglets Find Love In The Most Surprising Of Places


It could have been a real disasterwhen this mother pig rejected her newborn litter of piglets. But they found their guardian in the most unexpected of places - a 12-year-old Jack Russell named Dottie Jayne.


Source: @Instagram

The piglets were born to Sophie on a farm in Knotts Island, North Carolina, on a weekend in early July. But their mother rejected them as soon as they were born, not even allowing them to nurse.And that's where Dottie Jayne stepped in. She'd been watching the whole episode and stepped up to the plate, looking after the babies and letting them try to nurse.Then something incredible happened: despite the fact she hadn't prepared for their birth, Dottie Jayne even began to produce milk for the piglets!


Source: @Instagram

Her parent, Courtney Culpepper Waterfield told WTKR:

Dottie Jayne, you are a saint of a dog to have fostered these piglets. 

Source: @Instagram

The Jack Russellis continuing to care for the little piglets in place of their real mother, proof that thelove of mother really knows no limits. In fact, we could all learn something about basic compassion from this caring dog!You can watch the adorable video below: