Refugee Family Who Can't Stop Thinking About The Dog They Left Behind Finally Gets To See Him Again

When the SPCA International received a heartbreaking letter from a young Syrian refugee looking for his dog, they knew they had to help.


Source: SPCAI

In 2015, the boy's family had been displaced and forced to flee to Montreal after a bomb hit their home. He described his situation in the letter posted on the SPCAI website:

“I left Syria urgently with my mom and my brother, but we left our lovely dog, Fox, in Aleppo, Syria. We left him with our dad in a very dangerous area named Syrian El-Jadideh. Please help us bring our Fox [to Montreal]. Mom [is] always crying. She is extremely worried about Fox.”

After they received the letter, the SPCAI was immediately mobilized to figure out if they could help. Thanks to the aid of two animal rescues in the area, theSyrian Association for Rescuing Animals (SARA) and Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA), they were able to start the long, complicated process of bringing Fox to his new home.He was first taken from Aleppo to Damascus in the middle of the night before he was taken by military transport across the border into Beirut, Lebanon. Fox then flew from there to Frankfurt, Germany and on to Quebec where he was greeted by his family, overjoyed and emotional to finally see him again.


Source: SPCAI

The executive director at SPCAI, Meredith Ayan, was quoted on their sitein regards to the difficulty of what they managed to do:

“Rescuing a dog from a war torn country like Syria might seem impossible, but thanks to our incredible partners, SPCAI donors and dedicated staff we overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles and this harrowing rescue succeeded. This is exactly what SPCA International exists to do.” 

To see the stirring reunion of the family with their pup, one year after they thought he was gone forever, see the video below posted from Metro Time:

H/T: Metro Time