Ready To Do Anything To Stay By Her Sick Dog's Side, This Young Woman Has Changed The Game For Animal Lovers Everywhere


Italy could have changed life for pet owners everywhere after an employee at La SapienzaUniversity in Rome managed to get 2 paid days off work to look after her dog, a 12-year-old English Setter called Cucciola.

Source: European Pressphoto Agency

Anna, the young woman in question, asked her boss for paid leave, explaining that her dogs are "her family". In an interview with Turin newspaperLa Stampa, sheexplained that it wasn't easy to get:

I had asked for the paid allowance, explaining honestly what I needed it for - namely to care for my sick dog. I later realised that they had counted those days as a holiday, and I got angry as a matter of principle.  

 Source: Facebook/LAV

With help from animal rights groupLega Anti Vivisezione (Anti-Vivisection League), she made a case to her employer and managed to get her paid days off. Essentially, they argued that she had to stay at home with her dog because not doing so would go against animal abuse laws, meaning she could have been prosecuted. In a statement, the organization explained:

The lady lives alone and had no alternatives to transport and assist the dog.

Satisfied with the result, Anna expressed her hope that other businesses will start to let people take paid days off to care for their furry family members:

 I think there should be more support for those who have animals, starting with public vet health care. The costs to cure our little friends is very high, and not everyone can pay for it. 

Lega Anti Vivisezioneshares this view. Since the case was solved without having to resort to the legal system, this hasn't set a proper precedence in stone in for other pet owners.

Source: YouTube/Great Gatsby the Corgi

This previously unforeseen case is very similar to measures put in place all over the world, such as several American companies who offer paid leave when an employees pet dies, or others which give paid time off for people who adopt a puppy.

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