Pushed To The Limit, This Abused Donkey Collapsed In The Street


At the beginning of March, a donkey pulling a cart collapsed in the streets of Segorbe, Spain, near Valence. The police, who decided to open an investigation into the incident, went to the home of the owner and rapidly realized that he didn't care for the well-being of his animals in the slightest.


Source: El Refugio del Burrito

On site, they discovered in addition to the donkey, there was also a severely neglected dog. Both animals were taken into custody. The dog has since been handed over to an animal protection organization, but the donkey was sadly given back to his owner. An anonymous resident, who found the situation unfair and disgusting, contacted the sanctuary, El Refugio Del Burrito, ("The Donkey Sanctuary" in English), a Spanish association specialized in rescuing donkeys and mules.


Source: El Refugio del Burrito

Determined to save the animal, El Refugio del Burrito sent a formal demand asking to come collect the animal to the local government, but they didn't receive a response. Not seeing any reaction from authorities, the association decided to launch a petitionon the siteChange.org.In the hours that followed, 12,600 people signed the petition, and the members of the sanctuary left to inspect the animal. After seeing the deplorable health of the donkey, who was suffering from malnutrition, skin lesions, and infected hooves, the authorities reversed their decision and granted permission for rescuers to take the animal to get treated.


Source: El Refugio del Burrito

During the days that followed, the animal was washed, fed and given a new name, "Vida," meaning life in Spanish. He was handed over to a foster family and will soon be placed in the organization's sanctuary, located in Fuente de Piedra, where he will be able to live with 300 other donkey who were also rescued by the associaiton.


Source: El Refugio del Burrito

El Refugio del Burritois an offshoot of the British organization, The Donkey Sanctuary, which has rescued donkeys and mules in Europe for over 45 years. If you would like to help their fight by making a donation, you can do so here.

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