Puppy Whose Legs Were Cruelly Cut Off Gets The Best Gift


Joey was just a puppy when someone did something terrible to him. They cut off part of his back legs when he was only six weeks old, and he could not walk properly.


Source: Merrick Pet Care

Luckily, someone found him and took him toWater4Dogsrehabilitation clinic. There, in partnership withSecond Chance Rescue NYC Dogs, the medical team decided to do everything they could to help Joey regain use of his back legs in some way.


Source: Merrick Pet Care

Even though the puppy had adapted and learnt to walk without his back legs, it was causing a sever curve in his spine and the team wanted to fit him with prosthetic legs, so that he could live a normal, long, happy and mobile life.


Source: Merrick Pet Care

The first step was rehabilitation, which included flexibility and strength training so that no permanent changes would come from the few months he had been walking on partially severed back legs.


Source: Merrick Pet Care

Joey also underwent water training, in which he walked on an underwater treadmill and swam in the pool.


Source: Merrick Pet Care


Source: Merrick Pet Care

Then the medical team fit the pup for custom-made prosthetics. Joey's foster mom was with him every step of the way, and he grew stronger and more positive every day. Finally, the legs were ready and Joey tried them on.


Source: Merrick Pet Care

Merrick Pet Care had heard about baby Joey's story and made sure that he had all the care he needed. Once he was walking around on his "new" hind legs, Joey learnt to run and play like a normal puppy should.


Source: Merrick Pet Care

His foster mom said:

It's been such a joy to have him that it's going to be very, very difficult and emotional when he finally finds his forever home.

Luckily, Joey had no trouble finding several loving families who wanted to adopt him, and today he is living a happy life with his new back legs. You can watch the full, hearwarming video below:

Meet Baby Joey, a puppy who was abandoned and lost part of his hind legs. We partnered with Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs and Water4Dogs to give him the rehabilitation and prosthetics he needs to walk again. #BestDayEverPosted by Merrick Pet Care on Monday, August 29, 2016