Puppy Who Almost Burned To Death Is Now A Member Of The Firefighting Squad

Andrea A.

Last year, a puppy was saved from a blazing fire in a large shed in South Carolina, US. Rescuedfrom the flames at the last minute by firefighterWilliam "Bill" Lindler, thelittle dog suffered burns to 75% of his body.


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The puppy named Jake was only a few weeks old when the firefightersaved his life. But after weeks of intensive care, Jake struggled to get back on his feet. His injuries were severe.Andthat wasn't the worst of it. Unable to afford his medical fees, his family decided to abandon Jake and leave him at the vet's.


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But Jake's saviour, William Lindler,had grownvery attached to the little puppyso he decided to take him home and adopt him for good. "This little guy is my hero", Lindler wrote on theFacebookpage he has dedicated to his new companion. In his new forever home, Jake made a full recovery thanks to his humans's love and care.


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Jake's recovery was such a morale-booster for the firefighters that they officially invited him to join theFirefighting Departmentof Hanahan, South Carolina. He signed the contract with his paw and became the official mascot for the squad as well as an honorary firefighter!


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At the moment, the brave pup is going to schools withhis human to teach children about fire safety and prevention and what to do in an emergency situation.


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Jake turns one today, and his human believes another destiny awaits his brave dog.William Lindler toldthe websiteBored Panda :

I would honestly like to get him certified to be a therapy dog for burned children, but have changed gears and we are focussing on training him to be an Arson Detection Dog.

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In the US, dogs work alongside firefighters to help sniff outthe source of the fire thanksto their elevated sense of smell.Either way, this miraculous dog has a bright future ahead of him, and all alongside the courageous human who saved him.

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