Puppy Trapped In Sealed Box Discarded In The Trash Can't Stop Kissing Her Rescuers Now


On June 12, one man made a horrific discovery in Dallas, Texas upon opening a dumpster. Shockingly, he found a dog, taped up inside a cardboard box, trapped inside.(Caution: graphic images)

Source: Facebook/Dallas DogRRR

It was only when the kind passerby heard a strange thumping noise coming from the trash can, that he decided to investigate further and came across Sally, a large five-month old puppy in an extremely dangerous situation inside.Tragically, he soon discovered that the tell tale thumping sound that led him to the pup was coming from her frantically wagging her tail, desperate for help. Blood was smeared over the cardboard box she had been kept in from the little dog's efforts to escape.

Source: Facebook/Dallas DogRRR

Wanting to help, the kind man brought Sally home with him and tried to give her the best care he could. However, her condition was severe. The puppy was suffering from severe mange and a skin infection, leaving her in a lot of pain.He quickly realisedthat the puppy needed more specialist help and posted an urgent plea on Twitter for anyone in the area that could help. This tweet was picked up by animal control who came to collect the dog.

Source: Facebook/Dallas DogRRR

However,Patti Dawson from Dallas DogRRR heard about the injured puppy's terrible condition and immediately rushed to her rescue. The kind woman broughtSally to her shelter and explained to The Dodo:

It was in the 90s that day. I don’t know how long you’d be able to survive in that heat for long. At first, she was just lethargic. Once he got her out, she just laid there, but then he got her to drink. I think she drank nine bowls of water — she was so dehydrated.

Dawson was immediately charmed by the dog's sweet personality, despite all that she had been through. She described:

She is totally the most forgiving, lovable little girl ever. There’s not a mean bone in her body. She literally embraced me and kissed my face for 15 minutes. I was sitting on the ground, and she just wrapped her paws around me.

Source: Facebook/Dallas DogRRR

Sally was then finally taken to get the medical help that she so desperately needed. After an examination by a veterinarian, it was found that she was suffering from dehydration, mange, a skin infection, a fever and respiratory issues.Luckily, the sweet dog responded well to treatment and within 36 hours she was strong enough to be released from the hospital. Dawson took care of the brave girl for a few days before she was then transferred to a foster home where she could finally get all the love and attention she deserves.

Source: Facebook/Dallas DogRRR

Despite everything that Sally has endured, her spirit and faith in humans have never been diminished. She continues to amaze all those that meet her with her dazzling personality and resilience.However, she has not yet found a forever home. She is currently up for adoption and volunteers hope that she will find the permanent home that she needs any day now.

Source: Facebook/Dallas DogRRR

If you would like to support Dallas DogsRRR and help them to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation by clicking here.

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