Puppy Thrown Out Of 3rd Floor Window During Couple's Domestic Dispute

During the night of November 30, a puppy was thrown from the window of a 3rd floor home situated in the French town of Pau. The cruel act was as a result of a violent conjugal dispute and the puppy sadly passed away from his injuries, reports the local French news.


Source : Animal Cross

According to the animal protection association, Animal Cross, who arrived on the scene the next morning and heard witnesses statements from neighbors, the woman had threatened to throw the puppy out of the window "while counting to 3". A neighbor explained that she heard a "bang" down in the street immediately after the countdown, followed by a dog moaning."The man then arrived and... I saw the pup lying motionless on the ground, he picked it up," she continued. The couple was known by the local police for being reported regularly for night disturbances and had their two children taken away.[caption id="attachment_25814" align="alignnone" width="1200"]

Photo of the couple's other dog, who was later taken away from them. Source : Animal Cross[/caption]


After having learnt from neighbors that the couple had two dogs, Animal Cross quickly filed for removal of the dog from their care. This request was accepted on December 5.On theirsite, the association says:

The authorities were able to act quickly thanks to social networks, media and the neighbors' witness statements and we are proud of the work done. a conservative measure was taken and the puppy will be placed with an association. The investigation will follow shortly.

"Justice should also protect vulnerable animals", saidBenoit Thomé, Animal Cross' president, to local news.Animal Cross annouced they would press charges for violence against the animal which resulted in his death. The man in the couple said in an interview, "I wanted to take a photo of my partner with the dog in her arms, and he escaped and got onto the balcony." The investigation is underway.

Andrea A.