Puppy Thrown From The Window Of A Moving Car In Horrifying Act Of Cruelty

In Spartanburg County, South Carolina (U.S.A.), yesterday, a woman wascharged with animal cruelty after throwing a dog out of a moving car on a highway.The woman, Tracy Carr, 26, had just been released from a correctional facility, and relatives were driving her home. The driver asked her to keep the eight-month-old puppy in the backseat, so that she wouldn't climb up front.


Source: Greenville Animal County Care

A few moments later, the driver heard the window roll down and a loud thud. When she looked back, Carr was pulling her arms back into the car, and the dog was no longer there.Carr claims that she had rolled down the window for some air, and the dog jumped out on her own accord.Miraculously, the pup, later named Alyce, only suffered a broken leg in the violent incident.


Source: Greenville Animal County Care

However, when Carr was questioned by the police, she said, she "hoped the dog’s head exploded on the ground so that it died without feeling pain."The severity of the broken leg means that Alyce will have to be taken to a private veterinarian. The break close to her shoulder will require a complicated surgery, but rescuers suggest that she will be much better after the surgery is complete.Carr is being held in the county jail on $1000 bond.


Source: Greenville Animal County Care

Greenville County Animal Care is covering the medical costs of the dog's surgery. They hope to get permission from her owner to put her up for adoption. If you would like to donate to Alyce's treatment, you can do so here.