Puppy Thrown From Roof In Horrific Viral Video Finally Feels Safe

Andrea A.

This horrendous video sparked worldwide rage in the beginning of July this year. We see two students from Chennai in the South of India cruelly throwing a 5-month-old puppy from the roof of a building.Miraculously, despite the extremely long fall, she survived with only a few broken bones.Shravan Krishnan, a young animal activist, saved her.


Source: Shravan Krishnan

The young man told BBC:

She was terrified, cowering under a stairwell and urinated when I picked her up. But what broke my heart was that she was still wagging her tail...

Shravan Krishnan named his young puppy Bhadra ("blessing from the gods" in Hindi) and took her to an emergency veterinary clinic where the medical team discovered numerous fractures, notably in the hind right paw and the spinal cord.


Source: Shravan Krishnan

But luckily the injuries were not life-threatening. And she got ready for a recovery period of two months in her new foster home atKarthik Dhandapani, a young Indian from Ramapuram, a suburb of Chennai.


Source: Karthik Dhandapani

Recently, to everyone's surprise, the young man shared his wish to permanently adoptBhadra!In a message on his Facebook page, he explained:

When a dream become reality!!  It has been a desire of 6 years... Coming from a family that has no connection to animals, being inspired to do something for them, turned an animal lover, spending time with them outside and not able to have one at home... But today, I am very very happy to share that Bhadra is FAMILY.

Karthik Dhandapani said him and the little puppy made a perfect team and that she was "full of life, very happy and joyful."


Source: Antony Rubin

As for the two students who committed this revolting act of cruelty, they were fined 200 000 rupees each from the Animal Welfare Board of India.They will appear in court for three charges of animal cruelty, according to the local Indian news.

H/t: The Dodo & New Indian Express