Puppy Suffocates In Plastic Bag While Woman Takes A Photo For Facebook


Thanks to the power of social media, a woman was apprehended after she posted a horrifying picture of her dog in a plastic freezer bag reports IB Times. The incident happened in November 2013.


Source:IB Times 

The shockingimages were sharedon her Facebook page. Apparently the woman, Mary Snell, 44 from Albuquerque, NM, and her son Britton James Engel, 21, thought that placing Baby, their chihuahua puppy, in the bag would be the best way to demonstrate exactly how small heis, despite his obvious risk of suffocation.Even more alarmingwas what she allegedly did beforethe shot was taken. Witnesses report that she might have placed the poor pup in the freezer until he was frozen half to death.Thankfully, good Samaritans contacted the proper authorities upon witnessing the evidence of the abhorrent act.


Source:IB Times

Snell and Engel were arrested on felony animal cruelty charges.When interviewed by police, she told them that even though she knew putting Baby in a plastic bag was wrong, he was not sitting still for a picture so that was the best option she had.New Mexico has some of the least stringent animal protection laws in the United States, but the fact that the two culprits were even arrested is a positive sign. It is unclear whether the duo spent any actual time in jail for their crime, but thankfully Baby survived this traumatizing incident and has been transferred to a new home.

 H/t: IB Times

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