Puppy Reunited With Long Lost Mum Just Can't Contain Her Happiness

Like most pups, Harper was separated from her mother to be put up for adoption when she was still a baby.

The little female dog was just 11 weeks old when she was forced to say goodbye to her mother for the last time.

But four months later, her adoptive family gave Harper the chance to see her mother again, though they doubted she'd recognise her...


Source : @Youtube

But their concerns all but disappeared when the opened the car door! She pulled with all her might on her leash in the direction of her mother, leaving them with no doubt that Harper knew exactly what was going on...


Source : @Youtube

The two dogs jump went straight for each other, proof (if any was needed) that even after such a long time apart, they didn't forget each other for a second!


Source : @Youtube

The mother and her forever "baby" don't stop showering each other with affection during the moving reunion.

Check out the overwhelming moment here: