Puppy Left In Car Overdoses On Heroin While His Owners Scam Store


This tiny pup was found in despicable condition afterhe overdosed on the heroin his owner had left in the car.A couple was in their local hardware store in Carrollton,Texas, and were attempting to change around price tags in an attempt to get away with theft. The store called the police, and when they were arrested, they informed the officers they had a dog in the car.


Source: Carrollton Police Department/Facebook

When they went to collect the four-month-old Chihuahua mix from the car, they were horrified at what they saw. Carrollton Police Department spokeswoman, Jolene Devito, told KHOU:

He was extraordinarily lethargic, almost comatose, barely breathing, his heart rate was very, very slow, his body temperature was really low. He was really on the verge of not breathing.

It was not difficult to quickly discover what was the matter with the puppy. Drug paraphernalia was scattered around the inside of the car.The canine had managed to get into the heroin and ingest some of it, leading to what was essentially an overdose.


Source: Carrollton Police Department/Facebook

The couple involved, Thomas Romero, 46, and Nina Crawford, 38, were charged with heroin possession and for fraudulent destruction, removal, or concealment of writing (for switching the price tags).They will most likely have animal cruelty charges tacked on as well.Thankfully, the puppy, who has since been named Lucky, for his "lucky" recovery after being near death, will be put up for adoption as soon as he is back to being healthy.He is recovering well, and information to adopt will be posted,here, when he becomes available.


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