“Puppy” Given To College Student Turned Out To Be Anything But A Dog


A college student from Tuscon, Arizona, fell in love with a little puppy he found at a house after noticing a sign that read "Free puppy", reports The Dodo.


Source: Wolf Connection

Neo, as he was named, was a very nervous and skittish little puppy - he couldn't be potty trained and he needed constant attention. Unfortunately, his owner had full-time studies to attend to as well as a full-time job - so Neo was often left alone for long periods of time.He would often jump over the fence to play with the neighbours' dogs, and after his owner built a bigger fence, he'd simply chew through it to visit the neighbours again.


Source: Wolf Connection

The neighbourshad noticed that Neo didn't want any human attention or treats, that he was constantly in their yard to play with their dogs. What nobody realised was that Neo was's a dog - he was more of a wolf. His body markings, his form and size, and especially his behavioural characteristics made it clear. This wolf was looking to find his pack.


Source: Wolf Connection

After being tolerant for a long period of time,theyhad finally had enough and drove him to the shelter at theHumane Society of Southern Arizona, where he would stay until a solution could be found with the owner.Maureen O'Nell, the former CEO of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, spoke to The Dodo about Neo's arrival:

It wasn't his body composition that made me notice, but his behavior. Neo was completely avoidant of human interaction. I approached the couple and asked, 'You know that isn't a dog, right?'

Source: Wolf Connection

The wolf laws in Arizona state that a non-Native American or someone that doesn't have a special permit does not have the right to own a wolf dog. So O'Nell got in touch with Wolf Connection, a wolf dog rescue sanctuaryin California, and they agreed to take Neo. She convinced his owner to let the dog go to the sanctuary, and was very proud of his cooperation.


Source: Wolf Connection

Once at Wolf Connection, Neo immediately knew this was where he was supposed to be - he broke through his isolation cage fence on the first night and went straight to the rest of the pack, howling with them and making friends with the alpha female, Maya.Neo has finally found his pack and will never be lonely or misunderstood again.


Source: Wolf Connection

It's important to do some research on wolf laws in each state, because it can be easy to make the same mistake Neo's owner did. For those who are looking to adopt a wolf dog specifically, Guilia Cappelli from Wolf Connection has something to say:

My advice would be 'check your ego.' Why do you want to have an animal that probably doesn't belong in a home? The reason why more than 70 percent of all wolf dogs in the U.S. are euthanized on a yearly basis is because of the ego of people who want to own a wolf. No matter how good their intentions are, it doesn't end well in most cases.

Source: Wolf Connection

If you'd like to support Wolf Connection in the good work they do saving wolf dogs from neglect or abandonment because of misunderstandings, make a donation here.

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