Puppy Cruelly Dumped On Random Truck In Backpack Learns To Trust Again


U.S. Air Force veteran Jerry Murray was returning from work in Tampa, Florida, in late August when made a shocking discovery in the back of his van.He noticed something moving out of the corner of his eyes and upon closer inspection, found a terrified Pit Bull puppy that had been stuffed into a New York Yankees rucksack alongside shreds of paper.

Source: Second Chance Friends, Inc.

Being a dog owner of three himself, Murray knew that he had to help the little canine and described to local news outlet WFLA:

I gave him some water, gave him some food and let him relax a little bit, because I'm sure he was traumatized from the ride.

The animal lover brought the puppy home with him to his wife and three other dogs where he cleaned the trembling canine up. Michelle Murray,Jerry's wife described to The Dodo:

He was so filthy, we thought he was a brown and black dog. It wasn’t until we gave him a bath that we saw he was actually blue and white.

Source: Second Chance Friends, Inc.

They took the 12-week-old puppy to a local veterinary clinic the next day where it was discovered that he was suffering from internal parasites and an ear infection and had clearly been neglected.However, the Murray family knew that they didn't have the spaceto give the little dog all of the love that he deserves and so decided to hand him over toSecond Chance Friends, Inc. in Hillsborough County where they knew that he would be properly cared for.

Source: Second Chance Friends, Inc.

Bil Gray, the founder of the center is so grateful to the Murrays for bringing the puppy, now named Zeus to them, where he can finally get the attention he deserves.Zeus is still very timid after enduring such an ordeal so early on in life, but slowly he is learning to trust again. Gray explains:

We are giving him the time and distance he needs and allowing him to be around the other dogs to gain confidence.

As soon as he was ready, the puppy was transferred to a foster home where he now lives with two other dogs and where he is growing happier every day.

Source: Second Chance Friends, Inc.

Soon, the brave dog will be put up for adoption and will finally be able to find a loving forever home.To supportSecond Chance Friends, Inc.and help them to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation by clicking here.

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