Lonely Kitten And Sick Puppy Rescued Just In Time Can't Stand To Be Apart - Even For A Minute


Chicky and Nugget were destined to be best friends. They both arrived at the Shenandoah Valley Animal Shelteron October 3, but while Chicky, the kitten, had been found in pretty good condition, Nugget, the puppy, was in rough shape reports The Dodo.A man had come in to the Virginia shelter with Nugget and begged them to help the dying pup. Her body temperature and glucose levels were extremely low, and she was unconscious.


Source: Shenadoah Valley Animal Services Center

Despite their best efforts and medical attention, the poor pooch still struggled to even lift her head. She was taken home by a staff member for observation, and she started to slowly get better.However, with her improved health came an overwhelming neediness for affection. She was constantly whining to be held all day and all night which was something that a busy shelter couldn't provide.Chicky was also very lonely. The staff decided to take a chance and put the two together, and miraculously, it worked!


Source: Shenadoah Valley Animal Services Center

The shelter director, Lindsey Huffman, described to The Dodothe duo's first moment together:

They immediately started nuzzling one another and later started playing. Match made in heaven!

The shelter has decided to put them up for adoption as a pair. Thankfully, these two found each other because it would have been difficult to get them taken in separately. A tabby cat is very common and often takes months to find a home, while Nugget's need for attention would have been difficult for any family to meet.


Source: Shenadoah Valley Animal Services Center

It will still be a few weeks before they are able to be adopted, but Huffman is confident that it won't be a problem.They are currently being fostered by the shelter's resident veterinarian who reports that they are still best friends and as cute as ever.


Source: Shenadoah Valley Animal Services Center

Huffman adds:

I just wish it was this easy for every shelter pet to find a forever home!

While the duo is located in Virginia, out of state adopters are welcome, but they must pay an in-person visit first.To adopt these or any other animals from this shelter, see their website.

H/t: The Dodo

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