Puppy Abandoned At Infamous 'Dumping Ground' Refused To Stop Trusting Humans


Echo lake, Texas, has a sad reputation; it is known as aninfamous 'dumping ground'for dog abusers.Judy Obregon, founder of The Abandoned Ones(a foster based animal rescue organization)is all too familiar with the stories that give this location its notoriety, but in March was lucky enough to find a happy ending there.


Source: Facebook/The Abandoned OnesObregon was driving through the area, as she does almost daily, and on this occasion, spotted movement and a tuft of white fur in the distance as she was investigating the area.The fur in the distance quickly revealed herself to be an injured, but enthusiastic dog, limping towards the car, looking for help. She showed no sign of fear after her trauma, and was affectionate with her rescuer straight away.


Source: Facebook/The Abandoned OnesThe canine had been abandoned by her owners, and was found with a piece of fabric tied around her neck, that matched a piece of material still attached toa fence only a few yards away.Judy explained that the poor dog probably not only injured herself breaking free of her ties, but also stayed where she was in the hopes that her owners would return.


Source: Facebook/The Abandoned OnesTragically, when she found the abandoned puppy, there were two bags of deceased animals lying next to the canine, and so Judy decided to take the heraway in the car straight away, ready to start her new life.The dog, who has since been renamed Callie, was taken to The Abandoned Ones shelter, where she was examined and found to be in remarkably good health. Luckily, she had no serious injuries or infections, and with lots of love and attention would recover just fine.


Source: Facebook/The Abandoned OnesCallie is now in a foster home, and is adjusting to her new life extremely well. She is affectionate and caring with her foster mother and seems to be moving on from the trauma she has endured. Obregon described her trusting nature to The Dodo:

Dogs like this make me cry all the time. They are just so forgiving. I can see it in her eyes.

Source: Facebook/The Abandoned OnesJudy continues her selfless work to help those in need and those that have been abandoned. She described her vocation toto Dallas News:

My heart is for the voiceless. Animals can’t speak, so we are all they have.

You can support The Abandoned Ones and the incredible work they do by clicking here, making a donation and helping them to continue saving animals.

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