Pup Left Crying In Tar Drum Was Finally Rescued After 24 Hours

A poor pup had a nightmare 24 hours after being thrown into a tar drum in Goa, a region in Southwest India. He screamed and cried for hours, but no one came to his rescue.


Source: Reddit/wanderingmind

One of the neighbors allegedly kicked over the barrel and sent it rolling away in an attempt to stop the noises.The whole affair was described on a Reddit thread by user wanderingmind, and the pictures are truly disturbing.

dog_india_tarpit_1 - Copy

Source: Reddit/wanderingmind

Thankfully, a few good Samaritans called the animal rights organization H.O.M.E, and they were able to save the poor dog from his sticky situation.It took several liters of kerosene to fully remove the tar from the canine's fur. After many visits to meet with veterinarian Dr. Kiran Kumar, he is back on the road to recovery.


Source: Reddit/wanderingmind

Here is the post in it's entirety:

 Cruelty knows no bounds.......this lil one was thrown into a drum of tar and lay stuck, screaming and helpless in the drum for over 24 hrs. Like that wasn't enough, one of the residents of the complex where these drums were, decided to kick the drum down sending it rolling a couple of metres since the screams were ear piercing. Thankfully there were a number of well-wishers and animal lovers who kept my phone ringing off the hook yesterday and H.O.M.E rescued this lil survivor last morning. Litres of kerosene later, eye drops, drips and veterinary advise (thank u Dr. Kiran Kumar) guided our champ H.O.M.E staff Dilip n Sonali to clear away as much as they could of the tar stuck to this tiny body. A true survivor; still a long way to go to clean up its entire body and gently shake away its fear of humans. A traumatic experience for this little one but we'll be with it every step of the way to recovery.

H/t: Indian Express