Prize Poodle Gives Birth To Record Litter, Shocking Her Humans


A Minnesota family was preparing to welcome some new additions to the family, but they got the surprise of their life when their poodle gave birth to 16 pups!The dog, whose name is Crystal, tied the breed record for litter size. She looked like any other pregnant dog, according to the Hewitt family.


Source: RockaDoodles

All 16 of her babies came out happy and healthy, despite the 24 hour long labor. The average for a poodle is only 5 or 6 puppies at a time.The Hewitt's are breeders in Lancaster, Minnesota. They work under the name Rockadoodles, and it seems that the family knows a thing or two about having little ones running around.


Source: RockaDoodles

They have 10 biological children and 18 adopted children from all over the world. Kelli Hewitt explained what made them turn to this line of work:

The reason that I started breeding dogs is it just went really well with our family. We have so many children, and they just love the puppies so much that they help a lot. The puppies get a lot of attention and playtime with our kids.

The 11 female and 5 male canine additions will all be living under the family roost. The Hewitt's have to organize their feeding schedule with Mom so that she doesn't get overwhelmed.


Source: RockaDoodles

In the past, the family has sent pups as therapy dogs for children and adults with special needs or traumas.

The amount of love and attention in our home make the puppies very people-oriented and friendly. They have been very healing for many of our own children who have experienced past trauma, as they learn to reciprocate love and care for an animal.

Crystal's puppies will most likely be sold when they get old enough, but some of them get to stay right where they are, with the Hewitt family.

H/t: Twin Cities Pioneer Press