Princess Monster Truck' Cat Proves Everyone Deserves A Second Chance


This royal princess kitty has captured the hearts of internet users all over the world. The wonderful cat was rescued from the harsh streets of New York,having been abandoned by her previous owners.


Source: @princessmonstertruck

We're sure "Princess Monster Truck" is one of the most unusual names we've heard of for a cat. But we reckon it suits this funny kitty. Princess has two bright teeth protruding from her bottom jaw, and we think those fangs give her so much character! Not to mention her beautiful green eyes.


Source: @princessmonstertruck

Princess even likes using her characteristic features to play up to her "Monster Truck" name.


Source: @princessmonstertruck


Source: @princessmonstertruck

But really she's a total sweetheart!


Source: @princessmonstertruck

And the whole world thinks it. Princess has over 200,000 followers on her Instagram account. She also has merchandise like t-shirts and canvas bags with her recognisable face on. And all for a cause! 


Source: @princessmonstertruck

The kind couple who adopted Princesshave used her story and her uniqueness to encourage others to adopt from rescue homes too. Check out their funny clothes on Princess' website.We could go through photos of Princess all day, she truly is an inspiration to us all!Watch a video about all the help Princess and her humans are bringing torescue shelters:

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