Pregnant Dog Who Got Stuck Under A Shed Is So Thankful For Her Rescuer


Pumpkin was saved by theHawkins County Humane SocietyinRogersville, Tennessee, about a month ago from the streets, but they only realized a few weeks ago that the three-year-old dogwas pregnant with puppies.Last week the mama-to-be was let outside at the standard time, like everyday when the pups are given play time in the yard. Only this time, Pumpkin didn't come inside.They went to check on her and found her hiding underneath a shed. The volunteers tried to tempt her out with treats, but she didn't move.


Source: Hawkins County Humane Society

Julie Baker, assistant manager at the shelter, quickly figured out the problem. She explained to Kingsport Times News:

 It appears that she went in on her chest headfirst, and then got under there and somehow got turned around and couldn’t get out and ended up stuck on her side. She’s pregnant, and her belly is so big that she got lodged in there. We tried to maneuver her out, but the more we tried, the more we realized that she was lodged pretty good in there.

They called the shelter's resident handyman, Joey Arnold, who rushed over. He at first tried to dig her out, but soon realized that wasn't going to work.


Source: Hawkins County Humane Society

The backup plan was to jack up the shed to allow the dog to crawl out on her own. After an hour of being trapped, Pumpkin was finally free!

When she came out, she came over to me and said, ‘Hi,’ but it seemed like she knew that he was saving her, so she went over and thanked [Joey] and hugged him and kissed him for about 5 minutes.

Source: Hawkins County Humane Society

The adorable canine was so relieved to be free, and she made sure to let her rescuers know she was grateful.The volunteers blocked off the bottom of the shed, so that nothing like this will happen again, but Pumpkin is healthy and has no injuries from her misadventure.


Source: Hawkins County Humane Society

She is up for adoption, and they're hoping to find her a forever home, so that she can give birth in a better environment. Her babies will most likely be brought back to the shelter to be put up for adoption themselves once they're done nursing.To get more information about the Hawkins County Humane Society and how to adopt Pumpkin, check out their Facebook page, here.Watch the video of her incrediblerescue below:

As many of you know, we let our dogs out to run everyday. This pregnant girl, PUMPKIN, somehow crawled under the storage building and got stuck!!!! She was pitiful, crying and scared. We had to call an expert, he came and saved her. He had the jack up the building to save her. WHAT A HERO!!! Pumpkin thanked him with lots of kisses!!!He also fixed it so it won't happen again.Watch the video (in another post, won't let me post a video and pics together).Thank you Joey!!!Posted by Hawkins County Humane Society on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

H/t: The Dodo

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