Pregnant Dog Abandoned By Her Breeder Gives Birth Under 24 Hours After Arriving At Shelter


Momma Goose, a heavily pregnant five-year-old dog, was abandoned by her breeder in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania after spending the majority of her life being forced to give birth at a rapid and unhealthy rate.

Source: Speranza Animal Rescue

Just after she had been abandoned, Janine Guido, co-founderofSperanza Animal Rescuereceived a call to help the poor dog. She describes:

Momma Goose was surrendered to a local shelter two days before I got her. They unfortunately don't have the place to accommodate her.

The dog had clearly suffered a lot, but as soon as she was shown the love and attention that she deserved, she blossomed into an entirely new and happy dog. On her way to the shelter, Mama Goose was all too happy to stick her head out of the window, in the knowledge that she had finally been rescued.

 Source: Speranza Animal Rescue

The pregnant dog was examined by a veterinarian who estimated that the canine would give birth in around six or seven days. However, under 24 hours after arriving at her new home, Mama Goose gave birth to eight healthy puppies, followed a few hours later by a ninth.Janine explained that she was probably more nervous than the young mother:

Oh my god, I am a nervous grandmother. This is so nerve-wracking. And Momma Goose will be available once we get to know her as a 'dog' and not as a 'mom'.

Source: Speranza Animal Rescue

Mama Goose and her babies are doing well at the shelter and all seem to be in good health. In a recent Facebook post, the shelter wrote:

We are excited to show you that life has more to offer than being a breeding machine. Welcome to your new beginning, Momma Goose and pups 

To support Speranza Animal Rescue and help them to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation by clicking here.

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