Portraits Of Rural People And Their Dogs Are Campaigning For Rabies Prevention


Photographer Ernest Goh from Singapore regularly works with animal protection associations to give his art an engaging dimension. His latest project, Pet owners of Laos, is the result of a collaboration with a Canadian NGO, Veterinarians Without Borders (VWB), as well as the Agricultural Faculty of the National University of Laos.

For this project, their team traveled far and wide across rural areas in Laos and used the occasion to vaccinate dogs, cat and even monkeys. This series of photographs depicts men, woman our children prouf and happy next to their domestic animals who have just been vaccinated. This practice is rare in the developing country and as a result, there are many dogs who suffer from rabies.

Many of these animals have been affected by rabies, which is a fatal disease in dogs as well as in humans. Ernest and the VWB team invited all the pet owners in each region to come to their center and get their dogs vaccinated for free.With the release of this series of portraits, Ernest hopes to create awareness and sensitize the public to the importance of preventing rabies. The photographer always uses causes he feels strongly about to bring life to his projects. For his next series, he will photograph therapy horses to promote zootherapy for people with handicaps.In the meantime, you can have a look at the photographs from Pet owners of Laos: 


PetownersofLaos -1

Source: Ernest Goh


PetownersofLaos -2

Source: Ernest Goh


PetownersofLaos -3

Source: Ernest Goh


PetownersofLaos -4

Source: Ernest Goh


PetownersofLaos -5

Source: Ernest Goh