Police Officers Smash Car Window With Their Bare Hands To Save Suffocating Dog


The scene took place in Alicante, Spain. A dog was trapped all alone in a car in the glaring sunlight with the windows closed. In the summer heat, the temperature inside the car became quickly unbearable and the air stifling.It was about 12:15pm when two police officers who were on patrol spottedthe animal, who was beginning to really struggle. They first tried to contact the car owner by phone, but to no avail.Given the urgency of the situation, one of the two men decided to break the glass. He managed todo this quickly with his bare hands.


They then rushed to get out the poor dog, who was by this time very panicked and distressed, immediately fetching water to refresh the dog and put an end to her suffering. Unsurprisingly, the animal went straight for the bowl of water and emptied it in just a few seconds.The police officers quickly noticed she was a female with no microchip. So she was taken into the care of the local ASPCA equivalent, theSociedad Protectorat de Animales del Medio Vinalopó. The owner of the car will face charges for animal cruelty.


This dog was really lucky that the two heroic police officers spotted her and came quickly to her rescue. Sadly this isn't always the case for pets, who suffer all too often and even perish from this kind of neglect.We remind you once again that leaving a dog all alone in a car in the sun with the windows closed is an act of terrible irresponsibility, putting your pup'shealth in grave danger.Here is the video of the police intervention:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fOPwCwUbLM