Police Searching For Suspect Who Threw Pit Bull Down The Side Of A Hill


Officials in City Terrace, California, are searching for a suspect caught on film throwing a dog over the side of a hillside at the end of September, reports ABC News.A neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous, captured the suspect's face on his security cameras as he was throwing a female Pit bull over the hill across the street. He told ABC News that the man left, but later came back looking for what he called "his pet". The neighbor told the suspect that this dog was no longer his pet and that the police were on their way.


Source: Fox 11 News

The Pit bull is miraculously unharmed was taken in by a resident and veteran, Ruben Roque, who has named her Girl and has fallen in love with her. He says she is a sweet dog and that if you give her love, she gives it back. He told ABC News:

That's a living creature that didn't do anything to anybody.

Source: Fox 11 News

Girl stayed with Roque for two weeks and then he had to release her, tears in his eyes to the animal services so that they could try and track down the suspect.


Source: Fox 11 News

The Department of Animal Care & Conrol are urging the public to contact them should anyone have information regarding the suspect.


Source: Fox 11 News

Thegraphic video can be seen on Fox 11 News website.