Police Officers Order Her To Stop Feeding Neighborhood Cats - But She Refuses To Listen

Lucetteis in a state of shock. The 83-year-old animal lover from Granville, in Northwest France, has been feeding and caring for her neighborhood cats for the past 11 years. However, on October 10, two police officers ordered to to stop distributing food, reports the French paper,Ouest France.

Ever since I arrived in Granville, I take care of the cats. I've always loved animals.

Lucette does in fact live surrounded by a dog, two cats, a bird and fish. And every day, she pays a visit to her two faithful friends Moses and Princess, two cats who live on the streets and count on her generosity and caresses. Once a year, she even takes the time to get them dewormed and to administer an anti-flea treatment.


Source: DR/Ouest France

Lucette explained toOuest France :

I feed them, I pet them, then I put everything away. The cats return to their lives, and we don't see them again. They're not stray cats. They're marked and neutered. Their number is linked to the SPA in Paris. Moses and Princess are a part of the neighborhood. People love them. Tourists even take their picture.

Thus, it was a huge surprise when two agents explained to her that her actions were actually against the law. Especially sinceshe had gotten authorization to continue from the former mayor.For Lucette, this warning was probably brought on by a complaint from residents annoyed by the regular presence of the animals. She was equally shocked by the "aggressive" attitude of city police. "I returned to my home completely shaken," she specified.


Source: DDM/La Dépêche

The elderly woman was quickly supported by a comity baptized "Kittens of Granville." Regional press got a hold of the story and Lucette got a meeting with the mayor of the town on October 22. The elected official confirmed the intervention by police and reminded her of the existence of a municipal decree from September 14, 2014 which prohibits "the throwing of food to stray and wild animals in public places." The reason? The distributed meals could also bring more undesirable animals, like seagulls and other "nuisances."By way of compromise, Lucette has resigned herself to continuing to feed her charges from the protection of her doorstep, and no longer on public property.

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