Police Officer Steps In To Save Pup From Euthanasia After He Was Thrown Out Of A Moving Car


A police officer in Albany, NY, is getting credit for going above and beyond the call of duty when he saved a three-month-old pup from being euthanized.Two women brought in the dog, who they found laying on the side of the road after apparently being thrown out of a moving car on Halloween night. Jon-David Hill was on night desk duty at the time and had an instant connection with the pooch.


Source: Jon-David Hill

When animal control said there was not much they could do for him due to his injuries, Hill decided to take the initiative and adopt the puppy right then. He told News 10:

I just thought it was unfair. He is 3-months-old. He didn’t have a chance. I just wanted to give him that chance. I didn’t want him to be put down. I thought he deserved to live.

Hill decided to name the dog Jack, in the spirit of Halloween.Jack had a very swollen front paw, and he was shaking and scared. When the officer took him to the vet, he was informed that the injury was actually very old, so the poor pup would never be able to walk without pain on it.


Source: Jon-David Hill

They made the decision to amputate the leg. Most dogs can get on just fine on three legs, and it sure hasn't slowed Jack down. Hill told Inside Edition:

He's now playing ball, he's moving around really well, he's able to jump on the couch. He's nervous when he first meets people, but once he can smell you, he automatically starts licking everybody.

Source: Jon-David Hill

While Jack is doing great post-surgery, the treatment is extremely expensive. Officer Hill has bills of upwards of $4000, so he set up a GoFundMe page for contributions.

H/t: News 10