Police Officer Breaks Into Dangerously Hot Car To Save Trapped Dog's Life

On June 28, a police officer from Pensacola in Florida saved the life of a pup trapped in a car parked in the boiling sun, reports The Dodo.

The officer didn't wait a second: he broke the window of the vehicle to get out the little dog who wouldn't have lasted much longer. Temperatures were soaring above 85°F in the American city.

In this kind of heat, temperatures inside a vehicle can quickly climb to over 120°F in just a few minutes.


Source : @Pensacola Police Department

Luckily, the little pup is safe and sound and isn't suffering from any complications. Despite everything that happened, he has been returned to his owners for the plain and simple reason that just like any other newborn, he needs to remain close to his mother.

But the Pensacola police have not overlooked the ignorant behaviour of his owners. On their Facebook page, they issued a warning to all pet parents:

Don’t. Just don’t. If you leave your dog in a hot car and that dog is suffering, we will do whatever we have to do to free him. Or her.


Source : @Pensacola Police Department

And thepolice officers were obviously so enraged by the owners' irresponsible behaviour that they've sent out an even harsher threat:

We will drive your pooch to the caring folks at the Escambia County Animal Shelter and we will drop you off with the caring folks at the Escambia County Detention Facility. You will both receive attention, food, and shelter, albeit different kinds. So, don’t. 

H/t: @The Dodo

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