Police Just Arrested This Man For Stealing And Intending To Sell 500 Cats For Meat

A man was just arrested in the province of Jiangsu, China, after capturing and stealing over 500 cats with the intention of selling them on to restaurants for 5$ each for their meat.The Dangyang police raided a makeshift shed next to the highway after a tip from the journalist M. Yang, whonoticed a large number of cats behind the truck that were clearly about to be sold.


 Source: Sina Weibo

Upon arrival, officers discovered a horrific scene. Hundreds of cats were confined in tiny cages in intolerable heat as well as the felines at the back of the vehicle that they had been alerted to.A police inquiry was opened after a neighbor pressed charges for the theft of several of her animals, including a female cat who had just given birth to five kittens.While the hundreds of cats rescued in this operation are now safe and will be released or returned to their families, a shocking number of them sadly lost their lives after being sold to restaurants for their meat.


Source : Sina Weibo

While the consumption of cat and dog meat in China is widely covered by the media, it is actually an extremely rare practice. However, the Yulin festival continues to take place every year, costing the lives of some 10,000 cats and dogs, often captured and stolen from the streets to be killed for their meat.Peter Li, a specialist in this topic from Humane Society International, told Washington Post:

The truth is that eating dog and cat is not part of China’s mainstream culinary practice even in Yulin, the home of the dog meat festival. Far from being vital to the Yulin economy or way of life, the dog meat festival is a national disgrace that tarnishes the name of the city around the world. Now is the time to end it.

Source: Sina Weibo

While the consumption of dog meat has been banned in China for some weeks now, this law sadly does not cover cat meat, and so this trade continues. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has started a petition to change this. To add your voice to the cause and sign the petition, click here.

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