Police Find Tragic Surprise When They Raid This Animal Trafficker's Home


Indonesian police raided the house of an animal trafficker in Manonjaya, West Java at the start of April. They discovered fourteen Javan slow lorises, trapped in cages, destined to be sold on the black market.

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 Source: International Animal Rescue

The species has been hunted to near extinction and is in fact classified as 'in critical danger of extinction' by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature(IUCN).Of the fourteen animals found, there were six females, seven males and one baby who was too young for the sex to be determined.Authorities immediately contacted the medical team from International Animal Rescue (IAR), an association that specializes in reintroducing rescued wild animals to their natural habitats. They made their way to collect the terrified animals, who are accustomed to the dim light of forest shadowsand so are extremely uncomfortable in harsh daylight.

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 Source: International Animal Rescue

After a medical examination, the veterinarian realized that the majority of the animals were suffering from superficial injuries, most likely caused by fights. Lis Key, the public relations manager for the IAR explained to The Dodo:

Being together in such close confinement will have caused them to panic and fight with each other for space and air. Lorises do not tend to live in close proximity to others - unless they are members of a family group.
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 Source: International Animal Rescue

Lorises do not do well in captivity, the suffer easily from stress, depression, and loneliness. Several hundred of them become the victims of illegal trafficking every year in Indonesia, and sadly, close to a third of these do not survive the ordeal.

The fourteen lorises saved by the association were in mostly good health despite the terrible conditions that they had endured. They will be released back into their natural habitat as soon as they are strong enough.If you would like to support International Animal Rescue and help them to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation here.

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