Police Dog Dies From Heatstroke After Being Left Unattended In A Patrol Car

A heartbreaking casualty to the heat of summer, a Cook County Forest Preserve police dog in Illinois died after being left in a patrol car in 90 degree weather on June 14. The Belgian Malinois, named Drago, was reportedly left in the car while his handler went inside to file charges against a suspect.

Source: Cook County Forest Preserve Police Department

Patrol vehicles are supposed to be equipped with Temperature Monitoring Alert System, specifically to protect K-9's, but there was an apparent malfunction.Officials said in a statement:

We are heartbroken to lose a canine member of the Forest Preserves of Cook County Police Department. The protection of wildlife and living things are at the core of our mission and we take this loss very seriously. We are currently looking into the circumstances of this incident.

The fire department was immediately called, after they discovered the animal, but despite resuscitation efforts, he couldn't be revived.Drago had been on the force for three years, and his most notable achievement took place in April, when he located an elderly man with dementia who had gone missing in Tinley Park, IL.

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