Police Dog Awarded Medal As His Officer Is Moved To Tears


On December 6, retiring Ertone received the supreme distinction for police dogs: the medal of national defense. This 7-year-old Belgian shepherd from the South of France had been working alongside Frank Therou, his master and partner. was awarded in a ceremony which also saluted the work of dozens of soldiers. But unsurprisingly, everyone's gaze was fixed on the pup. Him and his officer had formed a partnership in the surveillance and intervention squad of the army and have worked on many missions together.


Source : Gendarmerie de l'HérautThe dog received this medal of "an exceptional title" for his "strong contribution to the success of several, difficult interventions". Ertone's talent is catching drug traffickers - for example, in May, he helped uncover 65kg of cannabis.Il a ainsi reçu cette décoration"à titre exceptionnel", pour récompenser "sa forte contribution à la réussite de plusieurs interventions difficiles".Ertone s'est en effet distingué par son flair qui a permis plusieurs arrestations de trafiquants de drogue. Le 1er mai dernier, 65 kilos de résine de cannabis avaient par exemple ainsi été saisies grâce à son travail.


Source : Gendarmerie de l'Héraut

Frank Therou, human counterpart, appeared completely moved by his dog's last day. They had faced death together on January 10, during an arrest situation. He tells:

We ran to help colleagues who were under fire. At the corner of the road, we were 15m from the individual who was hiding behind a car. [...] As the dog was targeting (Ed: preparing to pounce to stop the individual), the individual aimed at us with his gun. Luckily, I was with a colleague who reacted well and neutralized the individual, I think that Ertone and I would not have been here today otherwise.

Source : Gendarmerie de l'Héraut

Unfortunately, Ertone fell ill and started to lose his sight. This was the reason the decision was taken to retire the pup. Luckily, a new chapter has opened in the book of life for the pup and Franck - the officer is adopting his partner to live with him:

His career in the army stops here, but he will now have his carpet next to the television in the living room.

Ertone will soon be a "family dog", and the officer says: "It is important to understand that a dog master in the army spend an incredible amount of time with his dog. Sometimes, I spend more time with my dog than with my children... I hope to have another police dog with the same potential and kindness [Ed: than Ertone]. A page has turned and I am moved," he said, tears streaming down his face.Découvrez son témoignage dans son intégralité ici :

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