Pokémon Go Fan Cruelly Turns His Dog Into Pikachu. And People Aren't Happy About It

Andrea A.

This Pokémon Go fan went just a little bit too far... It wasn't enough for him to catch the tiny creatures in the virtual world on his telephone. Oh no, he wanted to bring them to life by turning his dog into...Pikachu.He dyed the poor animal completely yellow before adding black stripes across his back, as well as red blusher on his cheeks to make him look as much as possible like the most famous Pokémon.

they made their dog look like pikachuPosted by Elihudi Justin Urassa on Saturday, July 23, 2016

The owner was so proud of his "achievement" that he filmed the scene and shared it across social media. The video was uploaded on July 24 and has since been seen more than 3 million times, provoking a huge wave of backlash:

"This is so cruel and unfair, it's not cute at all!", "Whether or not the dye is poisonous, it's cruel and just not funny. The dog will be so stressed when they finally clean him...", "Dogs are not accessories, dolls or toys".

Outraged animal lovers across the world have been commenting on the video in their thousands.

"I like Pokémon, but this is just stupid! Learn to treat animals with respect!" continues one commenter.

Though nobody knows for how long the animal was left like this, or if the dye used for this ridiculous stunt is poisonous or not, this act of cruelty is yet another reminder that just too many people think of animals as objects to do what they want with.

Last year, American Apparel model Lia Catreux attracted attention for the wrong reasons when she turned her dog into a fashion accessory by dying him completely pink.

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When asked by The Huffington Post, PETA issued the following warning:

People need to know that there is no safe way to dye a dog or any other animal. They can get water in their ears (which isn’t as simple as when it happens to a human; it can lead to all sorts of complications) or have an allergic reaction – even a fatal one. There is simply no way to know how your animal will react.