Pitbull Thrown Out With Trash And Left In The Snow When Family Moved Away

Andrea A.

Five days before Christmas, Terri Looby from Detroit, a volunteer at theDetroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), received an urgent call about a stray dog who was stranded in the cold, reportsThe Dodo. Detroit winters are extremely harsh and temperatures drop to way below zero during the night. So the pup was in big trouble.


Source : Terri Looby

Terri and a colleague spent some time looking for the dog, before finally noticing him amongst trash that had been left on the side of the road. The Pitbull mixhad curled up into a ball on a chair.Terri told The Dodo:

As soon as the dog heard us, he picked his head up and looked at me. I said, 'Hi baby, it's OK. Come see me.' His tail was wagging, and he jumped off the chair and started limping toward me. He knew he was safe!

Source : Terri Looby

The Pitbull jumped into the car and got a few treats. A neighbor approached the car and asked what they were planning on doing with the dog. She informed them that the tenants were evicted a week ago, and that the owner had dumped twodogs outside. The family came back for the smaller dog, but left the Pitbull in the cold.


Source : Terri Looby

Ollie-loo, as he was baptized, was taken to a shelter where he received medical treatment, revealing a broken femur.


Source : Terri Looby

Ollie-Loo, only a year and a half old, is currently enjoying the comforts of his foster home until he is strong enough to have an operation for his broken bone. Terri says that he is an adorable dog.

Ollie-Loo has been a very sweet, happy, tail-wagging puppy who just wants a family to love him and not toss him out like he is trash..

Source : Terri Looby

As soon as he has recovered from his operation, the sweet Pitbull will be put up for adoption.


Source : Terri Looby

You can donate to Ollie-Loo's medical bills here!

H/t: The Dodo