Pit Bull Survives A Hit And Run But Still Needs Vital Surgery


A young Pit Bull was the victim of a hit and run on the night of May 7 in Houston, Texas. The driver abandoned the injured animalwithout even checking to see if he had survived the hit.


 Source: GoFundMe/Kevin Moncada

Luckily, a couple of students arrived at the scene moments later and didn't hesitate to help the poor animal who had miraculously survived. Kevin, one of the students recounts:

The hit sounded really bad and I thought the dog was dead for sure, but to my surprise he crawled over to the side walk! he stood up but was unable to walk, he looked a lot like my dog so I felt the need to help him.

They were both determined to save the canine and brought him home with them before calling the HSPCA, the equivalent of the SPA in the USA, who told them that all Pit Bulls brought to their shelter will sadly be euthanized.


Source: GoFundMe/Kevin Moncada

The next day, the injured dog, named Smokey, was brought to a veterinary clinic for his injuries to be examined. Fortunately, his condition wasn't life-threatening, but he had suffered a fractured shoulder which requires surgery from a specialist, a very costly procedure for two students.Kevin and Suleymy left the clinic extremely disappointed and carrying the equivalent of two days of anti-inflammatory injections to help easy Smokey's pain and reduce inflammation.


Source: GoFundMe/Kevin Moncada

As a last resort, the pair started a GoFundMe campaign in the hopes of raising the necessary $2000 for Smokey's operation. Currently, there have been fifteen anonymous donations meaning they have collected just over 10% of their target.If you would like to help Smokey, you can visit their GoFundMe campaign and make a donation by clicking here.

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