Pitbull Once Used In Dogfighting Gets A Bath And Finally Realises What Comfort Feels Like


This Pitbull had probably never felt the touch of a loving hand. He'd been trained to be aggressive and fight other dogsfor the entertainment of savage humans.Whilst most of our four-legged friends aren't too keen to take a bath, Evan the black Pitbull in the bath, was so happy to have someone wash him. All he's ever wanted was a moment of comfort and peace.


Source : @Facebook

Having spent years in a dogfightinggang, knowing nothing but violence, a little bit of affection clearly goes a long way.Evan was recently rescued after years of being chained up, malnourished and tortured.Although his rescuers thought he would have trouble adapting to family life, the 9-year-old dog proved them wrong when he showed his humans just how gentle he was.


Source : @Facebook

Lined up in the bath,Evan and his friends each had their turn getting scrubbed with love by their human. Evan waits so patiently wagging his tail, and it really is so sweet! Watch him and his friends here:

I'm back with my friends enjoying a nice warm bath. We all smell so fresh and clean!Xoxo, Toof-toof#367familyPosted by Evan the Survivor on Saturday, February 27, 2016

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