Pit Bull's Family Was Incomplete Until She Adopted This Baby Beagle


Billie Jean is a Pit bull that's had a tough run of it in the past. Her previous owners grossly neglected her and handed her over toDeKalb County Animal Servicesin a state - scars all over, heartworms and pregnant on top of it all.The mommy dog gave birth to eight sickly puppies at the shelter, after which Rescue Dogs Rock NYC agreed to take the whole family in. Unfortunately, just before the transfer, Bille Jean caught pneumonia and her rescue was delayed a few weeks.


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Her puppies were taken away from her and she only saw them again when she finally arrived at her foster home... Where only three of her puppies remained. Sadly, therest hadn't survived.


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But the Pit bull's spirit wasn't broken and she stepped right into her role as a mom. Kristin Murphy Dubnoff, the foster mom, told The Dodo:

She took beautiful and loving care of them as soon as they were reunited. She cleaned and laid with them. She was and remains incredibly kind-natured.

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In a sad turn of events, one of the puppies died shortly after arriving at her foster home, leaving Billie Jean with only two puppies... But not for long.


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Rescue Dogs Rock NYC called Budnoff and said they had a 2-week-old beagle who had been orphaned. She immediately knew she had to take this puppy in and make him part of the Pit bull family. And she had made the right decision, continuing, "Mama Billie Jean took him right in as her own."


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The three puppies now act as if they've been siblings all along - the beagle got his family and the Pit bulls got their sibling back.


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Today, the family isthriving and all the babies have people families waiting to adopt them. Sweet Billie Jean, however,still hasn't found herforever family. Dubnoff says she is an "absolute angel".


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If you'd like to consider adopting Billie Jean, contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for more information.