Pit Bulls Are Utterly Terrifying. This Pibble and Piglet Duo Will Prove It Once And For All

Friendships between animals of different species are often truly special!And that's definitely the case forPigilina, a little piglet who has taken to a Pit Bull called Levi.


Source :@Youtube

Rejected by her mother, as often happens with pigs,Pigilina, at only three weeks old, found herself orphaned. But who could have imagined that she would end up being adopted by a dog? Best of all - a Pit Bull!


Source :@Youtube

Levi is a gorgeous 4-year-old grey and white Pibble, and he loves interacting with the baby piglet. Even if the piglet is often very annoying, Levi is extremely patient with her.


Source :@Youtube

The duo are now inseparable and will make you melt completely.Whoever said that Pit Bull's were a so-called dangerous dog breed might need to think again!Watch the two of them in action here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6EKNEfVyAE

Featured image: @Youtube