Pit Bull Stung By 1000s of Bees And Then Dumped By Family Finally Finds Love


A deaf Pit bull mix had a very unlucky day when he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time... And was stung by thousands of bees.


Source: LuvnPupz

What happened afterwards was even worse. His family took him to the veterinarian for treatment and then abandoned him there.


Source: LuvnPupz

The injured pup's name was Stinger, and he was dumped just because his owners did not want to take care of him. Having a deaf dogcan be a burden to some people, but they are usually the ones who love the most, if one just gives them enough love and understanding.


Source: LuvnPupz

Carri Shipaila came across Stinger and decided he deserved a second chance. She is the founder of LuvnPupz shelter, and took the pup there so that he could be rehabilitated in safety. He would never be dumped again.


Source: LuvnPupz

But the battle was not yet won for this brave dog, who still had some obstacles to overcome. Besides the brutal bee attack, leaving his whole face swollen, Stinger also had scabies, which is a "highly contagious skin parasite", and he was severely underweight.


Source: LuvnPupz

Although the young pup was in a lot of pain and discomfort, he remained sweet and gentle throughout his treatment. He still wanted love even after being abandoned by the people he thought were his family. During his treatment, the doctors discovered that Stinger also hadPemphigus, a skin disease that requires lifelong treatment.


Source: LuvnPupz

After many days of treatment, the Pit bull's skin irritation started to subside and he felt more comfortable. He was looking better each day, until the best news came: a family had decided to adopt Stinger into their forever home.


Source: LuvnPupz

Today Stinger knows what love feels like, and has a family whois only too happy to take care of his health conditions. He will never again be abandoned because someone thinks he is a "burden".


Source: LuvnPupz

You can follow Stinger's adventures on the LunvPupz Instagram account.You can support LuvnPupz by making a contribution here, helping them to save more dogs like Stinger who are looking for their forever homes.