Pit Bull Puppy Was So Deformed From Dog Fights He 'Didn't Look Like A Puppy'


In 2015, a tiny, homeless Pit bull puppy wandered up onto someone's porch and collapsed from severe injuries.


Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/YouTube

He was only 5 months old at the time and it is believed that Jax was the victim of a vicious, illegal dog fighting ring in Kansas.


Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/YouTube

The homeowner immediately called Unleashed Pet Rescue, a local shelter, who sent volunteers to pick up the puppy who was busy dying from severe injuries including open wounds to the head and neck.


Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/YouTube

The puppy's face was beaten and his eyes were swollen shut - if his tail weren't moving spontaneously, he seemed dead. One of the shelter staffsaid:

When I got there, I saw this puppy that didn't even look like a puppy.

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/YouTube

She decided that she was going to visit him every night, to check up on his health and to keep the traumatized puppy company.


Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/YouTube

She continued:

Every night Jax improved. That tail would thump just a little longer. Every night, his eyes were opening and he was just smiling.

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/YouTube

Finally, after two weeks in intensive care, Jax was placed into a foster home. His foster mom was the one who came up with his name, which means "God is gracious".


Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/YouTube

Only three weeks after being in such a bad condition that he could not even walk or open his eyes, Jax was running and playing with his new foster mom.


Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/YouTube

He was lucky enough to find his happy ending and get a second chance at life, but many other dogs never find help. If you hear or know about an illegal dog fighting ring in your area, be sure to report it to the police so that innocent dogs can get out of that nightmare.


Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue/YouTube

You can watch the full video of Jax's transformation and incredible road to recovery below.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNg2rP6te-k[/embed]