Pit Bull Found Tied Up In Basement Of Man's New House


When you buy a new house, it should go without saying that nobody, let alone no animal should already be living there. However, earlier this month, staff at Stray Rescue of St Louis received a call from a new homeowner saying that exactly this had happened. The man said to The Dodo:

I just bought a house and there is a pit bull chained up in the basement. I'm not sure how long it's been down there.

Upon arriving at the home, rescuers were informed that a squatter had been staying there some time earlier, leaving behind debris, garbage, and a Pit Bull. Fortunately, the poor pup was found in time to be saved and she could not have been happier about it.

Source: Stray Rescue of St Louis

Natalie Thomson, the group's communicator director said:

When we opened the door to the basement and shined our flashlight down, we saw a wagging tail. She was nearly choking herself as she was so excited to see us. When we freed her, she couldn’t stop jumping up and down and giving hugs.

No one knows why the dog was left behind or who left her, but it was clear her rescuers found her just in time. Thomson said that "there was no food or water bowls that [she] could see [and] she was not spayed and had no microchip".

Source: Stray Rescue of St Louis

Her lively and excitable nature earned her the nickname Jumping Bean and she certainly intended to live up to this name. It became clear that she had a real zest for life which made here confining situation all the more sad. Thomson said:

Her personality is completely adorable. She loves everyone she meets and craves attention. She makes sure she is not ignored! She’s an energetic and very affectionate pup! She is so happy all the time.

Source: Stray Rescue of St Louis

If you would like to learn more about Jumping Bean, or simply make a donation supporting rescues like this one, visit Stray Rescue of St Louis online.

H/t: The Dodo