Pig Whose Feet Were Cut From Wandering The Streets Has Found Her Soulmate


The day after Christmas last year, Dr. Laureen Bartfield from North Carolina, found a stray pig wandering on her farm road.


Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

The animal was covered in scars and burns and her feet were cut open, so the doctor lured her to safety with a muffin and immediately called her friends,Alesja and Alex Daehnrich, who run the Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary & Rescue, reports The Dodo.


Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

The couple intended to foster the pig, who was named Holly, until she could find a forever home. But they soon discovered that Holly did not plan on going anywhere.


Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

She fell madly in love with Alex and would not leave him alone for the first few days she was at the sanctuary.


Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

This surprised his wife as pigs are usually shy of new people and Holly had surely been through some traumatizing experiences. She explained:

Her life prior to rescue must have been horrific. She must have been straying for a while as well as her feet were cut. She had some open and infected wounds which indicated dog bites.

Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

Holly seemed to only have one thing on her mind - being with Alex as often as possible. She did not gravitate towards Alesja or Dr. Bartfield as much, although she is still very sweet with Alesja, but they did not mind as the bond between the pig and her chosen human was too cute to resist.


Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

Alesja continued:

She came up to him and laid down for a belly rub. It was very strange but also melted our hearts. Alex was scratching her belly and she was just very content as if she has known him forever.

Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

The couple had set up a little enclosure with hay and blankets for Holly, but she refused to go inside the first night - instead, she snuggled up outside in a pile of dirty, wet leaves. She had clearly been raised as an outside pig. But as soon as Alex tried to coax her into the barn, she followed him inside and refused to go to sleep until she had had sufficient belly rubs.

Because only Alex is allowed to tuck her in. Apparently the routine wasn't the same as I joined & Holly showed that she was grumpy ;) Holly & her favorite human ❤️Posted by The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary on Monday, 6 March 2017

This bedtime ritual has turned into a habit and Holly cannot sleep unless Alex shows her some love. Alesja said:

She comes up on the porch and waits for him. If I come, she ignores me and keeps staring at the door. When Alex comes, she follows him down and they go into her house and Alex rubs her belly. She eventually starts getting ready for bed and Alex puts a blanket over her.
Because Alex loves his Holly, she now has classic music in her apartment!Posted by The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary on Sunday, 19 March 2017

Now Holly lives at her forever home on the sanctuary with her favorite human, and her health and well-being is much better than when she first arrived. The pig loves snoozing in the sunshine, eating and playing, and following Alex around.


Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

She even gets visitors sometimes and she loves that, too. Alesja concluded:

She seems to have more energy and, most importantly, she is enjoying life. You can just tell by looking into her eyes that she is happy.

Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

You can make a donationto the Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary to help them take care of Holly and all the other rescued farm animals living there.


Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary

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