Pig Who Was Used For Cruel Burn Testing Is So Happy To Start Her New Life


On August 24, Rancho Relaxo received its newest resident, Alba, a 4-month-old pig who had just escaped from eight weeks of hell in a testing laboratory.

Source: Instagram/@boochaces

The little pig spent the first eight weeks of her life in the facility being repeatedly burnt to test an unnamed product. In these situations, animals are normally euthanized once the testing period is over but little Alba's charming personality managed to save her life, and she went on to be re-homed.However, before she could arrive at her new home, the animal, who had 18 burn marks down her back, needed to be spayed and vaccinated.

Source: Instagram/@boochaces

When she finally arrived at Rancho Relaxo, Caitlin Cimini, the founder of the facility, was shocked to see how forgiving the pig was. She described to The Dodo:

If she did have trauma, you would never know it. Her personality is just unbelievable. She’s so loving, and still so trusting of people.

Alba quickly felt at home and is getting along well with all of the other animals at the ranch, in particular, the dogs. She continues to amaze Cimini with how happy, trusting and able to move on from her traumatic start in life.

Source: Instagram/@boochaces

However, while emotionally the little pig is healing wonderfully, the burn scars on her back will likely never fade but Alba never lets this get her down. Cimini concludes:

Alba Sugar Pie is settling in beautifully. Words can barely describe it. From a testing laboratory where she was burned over and over to Rancho Relaxo where she will be forever respected and loved. She is our equal.

Source: Instagram/@boochaces

To help end animal testing you can add your voice to the fight and sign The Body Shop's petition to finally ban this practice.

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