Photographer's Moving Project To Find Homes For Black Shelter Cats

Casey Elise is a 31 year old American photographer who has taken it upon herself to help black cats find a home.


Since last year, she has been voluntarily helping the shelter West Los Angeles in the US.Horrified by the fate of black tomcats who are the least adopted type of cats, she decided to use her talent to make them look as cute and adoptable as possible.


Because black cats are still seen as superstitious. Some people believe that they are a bad omen or that they will be more temperamental than other types of cats...


Due to a lack of space and families willing to give them a second chance, many black cats get put down.


The Black Cat Projectis the name of the series of photos that Casey Elise has taken. Casey herself adores black cats and adopted one of her own from the shelter. She called her Imogen.


Elise's photos have not been retouched and she lets the beauty and grace of these unfortunate felines speak for theirselves.


The photographer encourages us to look past stereotypes and consider each animal in its own right, as an individual worthy of our love and kindness.


The photographer's efforts have been very successful andmany black cats from the refuge are now happy in new homes with loving adoptive families.


Inspiration for all shelter homes out there!


Source : @CaseyElise

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Andrea A.