Photographer Captures The Hilarious Expressions Of Dogs Attempting To Catch A Treat

Christian Vieler, a 45-year-old German photographer, likes to deal with dogs as his subject matter. Especially ones that pull off extraordinary facial expressions.

Christian Vieler-dogs-1

Recently, he had the brainwave idea of capturing the hilarious expressions of dogs trying to catch a treat flying towards them.He told the site Bored Panda :

Every shoot I am looking for that specific moment when the dog is looking as cute or funny as they can be.

We'll let you admire his photos here... and have a giggle whilst you're at it:

Christian Vieler-dogs-13
Christian Vieler-dogs-12
Christian Vieler-dogs-11
Christian Vieler-dogs-10
Christian Vieler-dogs-9
Christian Vieler-dogs-8
Christian Vieler-dogs-7
Christian Vieler-dogs-4
Christian Vieler-dogs-6
Christian Vieler-dogs-3
Christian Vieler-dogs-5
Christian Vieler-dogs-2

To see some more of these hilarious photos you can look at hisInstagramaccount or go on his Facebookpage.

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Andrea A.