Perpetrators Scam Buyers By Shaving Kittens To Pass Them Off As Sphynx Cats

A young woman from Alberta, Canada, JoAnne Dyck, was a victim of a new type of scam. She recently spent 700 dollars to adopt Vlad, a little kitten which she though was a Sphynx."He was like a little tiny kitten, no more than eight weeks old, and he was naked. Completely hairless," explained Joanne to the Canadian site,CBC. But quickly, something seemed to off. Vlad was extremely fearful and refused to be held.


Source: CBS

Joanne continued:

It looked like a sphynx because he was very, very skinny and his face was really angular.

She decided to bring him to a veterinarian who quickly noticed what looked like nicks and cuts. More worrying still, was that they looked infected.


Source: CBS

After a few days, the wounds healed, but JoAnne discovered that a layer of orange fur had started to cover the body of the small animal. The woman finally understood that she had been tricked."I thought he was crying for his mom, but he probably was in pain," she added. "Regular sphynx kittens would want to be held and would want to be warm and touched, but he didn't want anything to do with us. He probably didn't want to be touched because his hair —it wasn't supposed to not be there."


Source : CBS

JoAnne contacted the local animal protection agency, Calgary Humane Societywho indicated that unfortunately they could not do anything without the address of the person responsable.After sharing her story on social media, several peoplein the area contacte her saying that they too had been the victim of the same scam, of which the author is still unknown.JoAnne ended up selling the cat to a friend because he did not get along with her other cat, but he is doing very well there and has his fur back.For all those who wish to adopt an animal, remember that shelters are full of adorable animals looking for a loving family, and it's unfortunate to bring others into the world just to be sold. Animals are not trendy goods for sale. Adoption can save a life.To find and adopt a furry friend of your own, you can go to the site Adopt-A-Pet.