People Tricked Into Drinking "Dog's Milk" In Latest, Brave PETA Campaign


Could you drink dog milk? If your answer is no, then the members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have another question for you: "So why would you drink cow's milk?" For this association, drinking animal milk - whichever animal it may be - is unnatural, and for this reason it should not be considered more normal to drink cow's milk than dog's milk.

This is the strong message that the NGO - used to delivering shocking campaigns - wanted to share when they undertook a daring experiment. In the streets of London, one of their activists pretended to be collecting opinions of the passers-by on a new dairy product and distributed cups of milk to twelve volunteers.


Source : Youtube - PETA

"Good", "soft", "creamy", "sweet enough" were some of the terms testers used when tasting the beverage. Nobody suspected that it was not "normal" milk - cow's milk, so to speak, and the majority seemed to enjoy the product.

However, as soon as the PETA activist told them that they had just tasted dog's milk, their reactions were unanimous - shock, disgust, indignation. One of the volunteers immediately spat out the liquid before insulting the young woman.


Source : Youtube - PETA

"If the idea of drinking dog's milk repulses you, why drink the milk of another animal?", the association asks. The aim of this campaign is to underline the hypocritical character of human customs when it comes to dairy products.

For animal wellbeing defenders, there is no difference between dog's milk and cow's milk - both are unnatural and neither is good for the animals.


In the post acoompanying this video on their website, PETA reassures readers that the infamous "dog's milk" offered to these London residents, was in reality only soya milk. They continue:

There is nothing "normal" about drinking milk from an artificially inseminated cow and to force her to give birth to calves who will be taken away from her the moment they are born so that human can drink the milk destined for the calves. Humans are the only mammals who drink milk from another species.


Cow's milk is not more natural for humans than cat's milk or rat's milk. It is made for cows, not for humans.

The association aims, above all, to denounce cruelty against animals and this happened in the dairy industry. Cows live in terrible conditions and calves have no quality of life.

Cows are artificially inseminated and forced to produce milk without interruption throughout their pregnancies. Once their calves are born, they are taken away, refused their mother's milk and the mothers spend all their time on their feet, prone to infections and many other diseases.


Source : Youtube - PETA

Once cows reach a certain age and no longer produce enough milk, they are sent to the slaughterhouse to be killed for their meat, after a life spent - for the most part - inside, away from the sunlight and fresh air.

Visit PETA's website to see what you can do in terms of adding your voice to the fight against animal cruelty.