People Are Sharing Unusual Animals Visiting Their Windows, And The Pictures Are Amazing


There's a new trend taking over reddit where people are sharing unusual animals visiting their windows. From ostriches to owls, parrots to parakeets, these animals just seem to love nosing about! We have compiled 13 of the best pictures of our feathered friends, enjoy!

1. Look at these four feathered friends having breakfast together.

I Have 4 Feathered Friends Who Come By My Window Every Morning For Breakfast

Source: ml09ja

2. This little fella stops by daily to look through this 10th floor window.

I Work On The 10th Floor Of An Office Tower. I Have A Friend Who Stops By Daily

Source: msor504

3. "Put the camera down already and feed us."

My Friend's Office-Mates

Source: mountainsky

4. A very strange looking dog...

Something About My Dog Is Off Today

Source: reddit

5. Hold on tight little racoon!

I See Your High Rise Birds! I Raise You A High Rise Racoon!

Source: ihaaz1234

6. Just two vultures chilling 10 floors high...

I Used To Work In A 10 Story Building And These Were My Daily Visitors

Source: diozo

7. A feathered friend in the making...

Got Jealous Of Everyone's Feathered Friend. I'll Hopefully Have One Soon

Source: zombiebandit

8. Check out the wingspan on this bird!

���Come At Me Bro���

Source: PizzaBlvd

9. Strike a pose!

I Work On The 22nd Floor And Also Have A Feathered Friend Who Sometimes Poses For Me

Source: Sartorius723

10. "Pleased to make your acquaintance human!"

I Have Friens Too Who Visits Me Daily

Source: TeemioShop

11. Every step you take, i'll be watching you...

I Too Have A Feathered Friend Who Hangs Out By My Window

Source: rafaelmanzeli

12. Look at this ADORABLE owlet! Too cute!

A Baby Feathered Visitor Says Hello!

Source: pintogregario

13. Anyone for a hug?

My Sister's Office Features This Giant Friend Outside The Window. Most Days He Watches And Stares. Today He Tried To Either Intimidate Her... Or Give Her A Hug

Source: WillRogers9000

H/t: Bored Panda

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